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Dr Moyosore Taiwo Makinde

Longevity: “Growing old is inevitable. We all yearn to live long and celebrate certain milestones which have become a societal norm. We pray to be kept from being part of the alarming and ever-rising statistics of sudden death from violence and disease”. 

These are the words of Dr Moyosore Makinde, the founder of Lifestyle Champions International in her article, “Healthy Eating: A secret to Longevity” where she elaborated on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to stamp out premature death and unhealthy ageing…
“United Nations data indicate that 31% of Nigeria’s 204 million people are elderly. According to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), life expectancy for Nigeria in 2019 was 54.49 years, a 0.58% increase from 2018. Even poverty -stricken and war-ravaged countries are reported to have higher life expectancy rates. Contributing factors to the low life expectancy in Nigeria include the high maternal mortality rates, inadequate health facilities and medical professionals for a teeming population not to mention the tragic loss of human lives from heightened violence and mindless killings”. 

However, several other modifiable factors contribute to ageing. 
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Physical Activity: Are you physically active? Most people ‘get up and go’ every morning, whether to the bathroom, to work or to school. However, many of us are sentenced to sitting down most of the day, in front of our desks, in our shops or in traffic. We finally end the day in front of the television. How does this affect our well-being?

Being physically inactive is associated with premature death and is considered to be the fourth leading risk factor for deaths all over the world. 
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Weight loss: We all want to look good; either fit and trim or slim and curvy. What is the way out? So many food fads and diets are out there in the market. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. What is your story?
Overweight and obesity can impact on your health, both physically and psychologically. Obesity is associated with chronic, non-communicable diseases which include hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidaemia. It is also associated with feelings of low self-esteem and self-blame.

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Sleep: Do you view sleep as a sign of weakness? Do you consciously limit sleep in your life? Is there any evidence that inadequate sleep can affect our quality of life? Some believe that functioning on little amounts of sleep is heroic.
According to a poll by the U.S National Sleep Foundation, 60 million adults were reported to have difficulty sleeping and only 10% of them sought medical attention.
Sleep is vital for our well-being. The duration of our sleep matters, but the quality is important as well. The lack of sleep can lead to accidents and loss of productivity. It is also associated with overweight, obesity and other chronic, non-communicable diseases.

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Emotional well-being: Emotional well-being has to do with the ability to feel, recognise and give an expression or voice to one’s feelings. This is critical for fostering relationships.
Consider a young woman who has isolated herself from family and friends because of a low self-esteem. She feels she has not achieved much and keeps everyone from seeing the ‘real her’. Little does she know that internalising the negative feeling that she is not admired can inadvertently degenerate into depression. 
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Nutrition: Healthy eating is vital to having a good nutrition. The concept of healthy nutrition has been with us for several years, right from the time when Hippocrates was quoted as saying ‘Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food’. 
There are two sides to this coin; over-nutrition and under-nutrition which are both forms of malnutrition. Malnutrition is often associated with poverty. How about over-nutrition?
How can you be sure that you are eating right? Not too little and not too much?

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