Our Vision

The vision of Lifestyle Champions International is to build a world of champions who win by preventing and overcoming lifestyle-related illnesses.

Our Mission:

To promote general wellness and health-related quality of life among individuals, particularly women, by educating them and encouraging them in the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote wellness by educating and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices among the general populace.
  2. To provide virtual channels for disseminating information on healthy living.
  3. To support and empower women to rise above domestic violence.
  4. To help women access preventative healthcare services against non-communicable lifestyle-related diseases.  

Our Motto:

‘Live to win; Choose life’

Our Values:

L: Life-giving choices

I : Improved health-related quality of living

F: Female empowerment 

E: Early screening

Our Approach and Activities

A. Lifestyle health education resource:
  • To provide free access to educational articles through our blog.
  • To organise webinars, masterclasses, medical outreaches, awareness campaigns and life retreats on lifestyle health.
  • To provide personalised counselling and group support to motivate behavioural change.
B. Advocacy against domestic abuse/sexual violence:
  • Through engagement of public on television, radio and social media.
  • By creating linkages for victims to access medical care, emotional healing and rehabilitation.
C. Screening for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among women:
  • To organise sponsored and discounted health screenings in collaboration with other health organisations. These include breast screening, cervical screening and cholesterol profiles.
D. Research activities:
  • Conducting surveys, cross-sectional studies and lifestyle interventions in order to increase the body of knowledge and evidence supporting the principles of Lifestyle Medicine.