Knowing your blood pressure category

Check your blood pressure (BP) category here. BP classification has changed. 

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You were probably in the normal category before now. However new evidence now points to the need for us to begin to pay attention to our blood pressure at much lower levels than before. The problems that accompany high blood pressure such as hypertension, kidney disease and stroke must also be screened and detected early to preserve one’s quality of life.

Blood pressure category 

Systolic B/P (mmHg)    (upper number)    
Diastolic B/P (mmHg) (lower number)Action
Normal <120
  < 80Aim at  prevention
Elevated > 120  and   < 80Engage in lifestyle changes
Hypertension  Stage 1 130 – 139  and  80 – 89Engage in lifestyle changes
Hypertension  Stage 2 140 – 179   or 90 –  119See your doctor for medication
Hypertensive crises180 and above  and/or 120  and  aboveSee your doctor immediately
Blood pressure classification