Who We Are

We are here for the outcome and not for income

Lifestyle Champions International (LCI) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organisation that aims to promote wellness by educating and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices among the Nigerian populace.

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Our Vision

A world of champions over lifestyle-related diseases.


Do you want to live longer?
Do you want to lose weight?
Are you going through domestic abuse?
Do you need a boost in your immunity?
Are you trying to overcome ill-health?
Do you have a poor quality of life?
Let us help you.


Our Readers Experience

Very simple, straight to the point and quite helpful. Thanks for sharing

I can testify to the therapeutic effect of music on health generally and specifically on BP. Once upon a time when I was monitoring my BP, I observed that the measure of my BP continuously dropped as I continued to listen to soul-lifting music and checked the BP at different intervals. I didn't think so much of it when I made the observation but this writeup has made me to understand the link between music and healing. Thanks for sharing

Thanks so much Doc. I am really blessed reading the 2 posts today. The post on forgiveness which I didn't see until today has made me change my mind in respect of my sibling who insulted me during our mum's obsequies. I had sworn not to have anything to do with her as a sister. I have just changed my mind and have forgiven her. Thanks for being an instrument in the hands of the almighty. God bless you real good. Awesome write up

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