Stress-coping Mechanisms: A Masterclass in a Podcast

Stress is a universal feeling that can be felt at home or at work. How does one handle stress in life? Can anyone possibly escape it?

To address these questions, the Lifestyle Champions International hosted a masterclass on stress and stress-coping mechanisms yesterday, the 28th August 2020. This was streamed on the organisation’s podcast.

During the event, Dr Moyosore Makinde shared with participants the various ways in which one can cope with stressful situations. She elicited on how our biological traits i.e temperament determines our natural response to stress. In other words, we handle stress differently because we have varying character traits which also form part of one’s personality.

She highlighted self-awareness, self-regulation, self-assertion, self-development and self-confidence as being important steps to curtailing stress.

Immediately after the masterclass lecture, there was a workshop in which participants carried out some self-assessments using online validated scales. These include the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale as well as the Four Temperament Personality test calculator.

Masterclass participants also gave valuable feedback on the event. Dr Aramide Oteju reported that the masterclass was “interesting, very informative and engaging”. Pastor Ada Babajide said it was a “very practical and insightful session, easy to implement stress-coping techniques”.

To listen to the podcast, follow this link and sign up for the next masterclass.

To learn more about stress management and coping mechanisms, follow our YouTube channel.

The Stress-relief toolbox


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