Plums! What are they?

A variety of fruit every week.

I decided to buy some plums while stocking up on fruit for a weekend.

They are a bit pricey at 200 Naira per one. In fact, in this season practically most fruits are somewhat expensive. Only too recently, I turned away from an Apple stall because each medium sized one now goes for 200 Naira! I used to buy each one for 50 Naira only a few weeks back.

Anyway, this time I bought five plums having considered that I could consume 1000 Naira on airtime within a day without deriving any health benefits.

So what benefits could one possibly derive from eating plums?

Introducing the Plum

Plums are stone-fruits within the same Rosaceae family as peaches and apricots. They are also known as Prunus domestica.

It is characterized by a dark purple or wine skin and yellow flesh surrounding a tiny stony core.

Health benefits 

They are: 

?Rich in under-consumed nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and copper.

?Low in calories. A medium size plum contains 30 calories. Compare that to a medium size or 100 grams of apple, banana and long grain rice with 52, 89 and 130 calories respectively. Surprised?

?Is high in fiber which controls the rate at which ‘sugar’ is released into the bloodstream and relieves constipation.

?Is sweet tasting and enables an assorted variety of fruits in your fridge or pantry.

?Plums contain antioxidants which protect the body cells against damage from oxidation.

?Known to help in the regulation of blood sugar.

?Studies suggest that plums can help in bone formation which reduces the risk of weak and thin bones, particularly in women after menopause.

?Consumption of this fruit at regular intervals is associated with a reduction in the risk of lifestyle related diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Plums can also be eaten in a variety of ways:

♦️ Plums are eaten straight from the garden as well as Prunes (dried plums) which can be consumed raw, stewed or juiced.

♦️ Salads – Plums can be used in preparing avocado or orange salads.

♦️ Smoothies – Plums can be cubed and blended into a smoothie along with other fruits.

In case you have not already, it is time to give PLUMS a try. What do you think? Don’t let the price discourage you.