Lifestyle Medicine Certification

Are you a Lifestyle Medicine enthusiast? Are you interested in Lifestyle Medicine certification? Do you want to belong to the professional body in Nigeria?

Certification in Lifestyle Medicine is available for health and allied health professionals.

Benefits of Certification

According to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM), certification is important for the following reasons:

  • To educate interested physicians, health and allied health professionals about Lifestyle Medicine
  • To set a common standard/language for Lifestyle Medicine protocols globally
  • To differentiate between the evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine professionals and the non-evidence based Lifestyle Medicine practitioners
  • To set a global Lifestyle Medicine benchmark
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Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLONg)

This is the medical professional association in Nigeria for healthcare professionals who are committed to the development and practice of Lifestyle Medicine in Nigeria. The founding members of the society established the Africa Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) to encourage the spread of Lifestyle Medicine across other countries in Africa. 

Lifestyle Medicine certification is obtained in Nigeria through SOLONg and issued by IBLM, the global accrediting and awarding body. Similarly, certification is issued in other countries through their Lifestyle Medicine organisations so far as the country meets the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance (LMGA) criteria for eligibility.

To get more information on how to join SOLONg, please visit the SOLONg website. Visit the IBLM website for more information on how to certify.

Listen to the President of the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria, Dr Ifeoma Monye as she expands on the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. If you desire mentoring, please register on our contact page.